Secure Document Exchange / Registered Email Delivery

Send and receive electronic documents that are too important to be mixed with social and junk email

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Doxit provides certainty for electronic document delivery

Authenticated Identities

User identity documents are checked during a face-to-face registration process

Confidential Communication

Encrypted channels when uploading and downloading documents

Creditable Delivery Receipts

Proof that the email was sent

Ability to track delivery to the recipient

Legally signed and time-stamped delivery receipts generated when documents are accepted by recipients

Document Archive

Easily searchable for future reference

For Private Use

  • Get a Doxit personal mailbox to receive and send formal documents
  • Avoid disputes about document delivery

For Organisations and Companies

  • Get a Doxit organization mailbox for every employee and keep full ownership and control of formal company documents.
  • Get signed delivery receipts when sending financial/legal documents and notifications