Private Users

To Use Doxit as a Private User

Every Doxit User, regardless of which Roles he/she will act in, MUST first register as a private User. Registering as a private User is how all Users are added to the Doxit database. After successful registration, a User can immediately act in his private capacity, or can be appointed as an Assistant to another User, or be appointed to act in a Role by an Organization.

See the Price List for details on costs associated with the service.

Register as as Doxit User

  1. Contact Doxit to set up a face-to-face registration meeting. You will need to have your ID book (or passport if you do not have a South African ID book), proof of residence and your personal mobile phone with you. The phone will be used as an extra security device. A Doxit Registration Officer will confirm your identity and facilitate the registration process during this meeting.
  2. After successful registration, Doxit will issue you with a Doxit Registration Number, an activation code, a password and instructions telling you how to access your Doxit Account. 
  3. As part of the registration process, a personal electronic wallet is created for you on the system, against which you will be billed for using the Doxit system. This electronic wallet initially has a zero balance.

Log into your Doxit Account

  1. Use a web browser to log into your Doxit Account. Select the "Login" option on the Doxit home page:
  2. Enter your ID number (or passport number if you used a passport to register) or your Doxit Registration Number.
  3. Enter the activation code and password that was issued to you during registration and the OTP (One-Time-Passcode) that will be sent to your mobile phone, to gain access
  4. The landing page will show a list of documents you have received from and sent to other users.
  5. You can manage your account (e.g. change your password) and print a statement or monthly tax invoice of the transactions recorded against your wallet.

Receive a Document

  1. You will be notified via email or SMS when a document has arrived for your attention.
  2. Simply log into your Doxit account, and click on "Accept" to accept receipt of the document. 
  3. After accepting receipt of the document, you will be able to read, download and print the document.
  4. You will only be able to read the document and know who sent it after accepting the document.

Deposit Funds into your Doxit Wallet Account

  1. Before you can send any documents (or perform any other actions which cost money), you have to deposit money into your Doxit Wallet. You do this by depositing funds into one of the Doxit Bank Accounts. Use your ID number  (or passport number if you used a passport to register) or your Doxit Registration Number as reference when making the payment.
  2. Doxit will automatically credit your Doxit Wallet account after receiving a deposit confirmation message from the bank.
  3. Because the sender pays for the delivery of a document, you will be able to receive documents without having funds in your Doxit Wallet.

Send a Document

  1. You must have enough funds in your Doxit Wallet to be able to send a document.
  2. First upload one or more documents. Documents should preferably be uploaded in PDF format. You can either generate the PDF document in electronic format, or you can scan an existing paper document to the PDF format. If the document is in PDF format, Doxit can lock the content of the document into the delivery receipt to remove any possible dispute as to the exact contents of the document that was accepted. Doxit will still deliver any other document type, but will not be able to generate a receipt which locks in the content of the document. 
  3. After successfully uploading your document, select the "Send" option and specify the Doxit Users to whom the document must be delivered.
  4. Optionally, type a short note to accompany the document, similar to a yellow Post-It* note stuck to a paper document.
  5. Doxit will send the document to the recipients and notify them via email and/or SMS that there are documents waiting for their acceptance.
  6. Documents are delivered anonymously. The recipients do not know the content or origin of the documents until they have logged into their Doxit accounts and formally accepted delivery of the documents.
  7. Documents are only considered "delivered" when the recipient formally accepts delivery.
  8. The delivery history of a document (time when sent, time when accepted by the recipient, etc) is displayed, but can also be downloaded as a receipt to act as a proof of delivery. The signature can be verified by using an Adobe Acrobat Reader* (available for free from Adobe).

Retrieve Documents from the Archive

  1. A document will be accessible on-line (i.e. to download and/or view the contents) for 30 days from the date it was uploaded, after which it will be archived.
  2. Records of documents that you have sent and received will be stored in your History Record for a period of up to 5 years.
  3. You can use the History Record to retrieve a document from the archive and keep it available on-line for another 30 days.

Appoint an Assistant

  1. You may not have the time to manage your Doxit account yourself and may wish to appoint an assistant to act on your behalf.
  2. NEVER give your login details to anyone - even if you trust this person and would like this person to act on your behalf as an assistant. If you do this, you will not be able to distinguish between your own actions and actions performed by your assistant using your account. Though there may be complete trust, when mistakes are made it is much easier to determine what happened if it is known who did what.
  3. The Doxit Assistant Role has been designed to facilitate this process. You can appoint any person as an Assistant as long as this person has been registered as a User on the Doxit system. You can even appoint multiple Assistants.
  4. An Assistant will use his/her personal login credentials to log into the Doxit Service, but if appointed as an Assistant, will be given the choice to either continue in their private capacity, or as an Assistant to another User.
  5. After selecting to continue as an Assistant, the User will have full access to the documents associated with your role to which they have been appointed as an Assistant, with the exception that every action he/she performs will be recorded as done by "Assistant X to user Y". Recipients of documents will know that the documents came from you, but that your trusted Assistant has done the work to send the document. 
  6. You can  cancel the appointment of an Assistant at any time.

* Post-It is a trademark owned by 3M, Acrobat is a trademark owned by Adobe Systems.