POPI Act No 4 of 2013

The Protection of Personal Information Act, which will come into force in the near future, places an obligation on public and private bodies to treat personal information of persons in a sensitive and responsible manner. Personal information includes, for example, names, ID numbers, addresses, and telephone numbers.

The POPI Act also regulates the flow of personal information across the borders of the Republic of South Africa. This is not allowed, unless specific requirements are met.

The obligations imposed by the POPI Act, especially with reference to security measures to protect personal information, make it difficult to justify using email when sending documents containing personal information. Standard email is simply not secure enough to be considered a responsible way in which to communicate personal information.

The use of communication services hosted outside South Africa's borders, without carefully considering and complying with the conditions under which the POPI Act allows for this, is questionable and problematic.

Doxit is a communication system through which appropriate and reasonable technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal information communicated via the system, in order to comply with the POPI Act.

Doxit encrypts documents to ensure secrecy and to prevent tampering.
Doxit stores documents encrypted on servers which are safely hosted within South Africa's borders.