Price List

Why Pay for Document Delivery?

  1. There is a general perception that online services can be offered free of charge. This simply is not true. Somewhere, someone pays. And the user's payment is often indirect in the form of marketing material that is forced upon him, or usage information that is shared with whoever carries the cost of the so-called "free" service.
  2. Doxit delivers important formal documents, free of the noise and clutter of marketing material; and does not share information with anyone else to subsidize the cost.
  3. When it comes to security and trust, it is best to pay for the service. Letting someone else pay for your security service is in principle not a good idea.
  4. Use (free) email for social and informal communication. But when you need to trust delivery of formal documents, it pays off to pay.
Item Description Units Amount VAT Total
Send and keep a document available on-line for 30 days for Sender and Receivers. Per 10 MB document, per receiver R15.00 R2.10 R17.10
Retrieve a document from the archive and keep available on-line for 30 days for the Retriever. Per 10 MB document, per Retrieval. R15.00 R2.10 R17.10
Request a notification when the recipient accepts the document. Per notification R2.50 R0.35 R2.85
Send Follow-up Notifications to Receivers. Per notification  R2.50  R0.35  R2.85
Monthly Administration Fee.  Only for Wallets with a non-zero balance and dormant for longer than 6 months. Per month R60.00 R8.40 R68.40
Cash Deposit Fee Per cash deposit TBDL TBDL TBDL

 Payment Principles

  1. All Doxit Services are offered on a prepaid basis.
  2. Every User and every Organization has a wallet on the Doxit System.
  3. Money is paid into the wallet account by depositing funds into one of the Doxit bank accounts.
  4. Use your ID number or Doxit Registration Number as reference when depositing funds for private use.
  5. Use the Doxit Organization number as reference when depositing funds to be used by Users appointed to act in Roles of the Organization.
  6. The Doxit System credits the deposits to the correct wallet.
  7. Payment for using the Doxit Services is automatically debited from the correct wallet.
  8. When a User acts in his private capacity, his personal wallet account is debited.
  9. When a User acts in a Role of an Organization (for example, the Financial Director of a Company), the Organization's wallet is debited.
  10. When someone acts as an Assistant to another User, the wallet of the User who appointed the Assistant is debited.
  11. Users and Organizations can access and download statements and monthly invoices of the transactions in their wallets.
  12. Doxit reserves the right to change the prices and pricing model.